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Had a bad dream that the twat was allowed to come back and destroyed my office to make room for herself--breaking Grell in the meantime. I was devastated and woke up angry/sad. Also--why the hell does my mum think she can hold a conversation with me at 6.00am when I'm so not awake.

Will have to start coming into work earlier. The annoyance is supposed to be in the office at 8am. He doesn't actually come in until a quarter 'til nine. Nine is the earliest the boss comes into the office. I already get in here about 8am, but I'm going to start coming in earlier just to put pressure on him. That and the reason he's supposed to be here at 8 is to answer the phone for early rising customers (or those on EST). If he's not here, he can't do it.

Today is the day that I a) backup all of Kyon, b) clean out the drawers in my office desks, and c) clean something at home. I'm also probably going to be order the mega-cute Hetalia figures.

Have a tomatotaco.

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Dammit why is Wall-E coming out on the 27th? Bobert has his birthday thing and I have a final paper due and an exam at 8am the next day!
My goal for the weekend is to be completely caught up with everything that needs to be caught up with. This includes cleaning, homework, club/con stuff, work stuff (oh, fail already!), and um...packing stuff. I don't know. There is one thing about procrastinating, which I don't mind, but it's something else to be perpetually behind, and that I hate. Wish me luck.